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InDigi Music is a premiere destination for music licensing, composition and clearance. Boasting a production catalogue that consists of over 12,000 tracks, InDigi Music is known for its high quality selection of pre-cleared indie music. Culled from its dedication to predominately independent artists and writers, InDigi’s clients benefit from access to a top-notch indie roster consisting of unique, current and professionally produced compositions suitable to accompany any project – large or small. Be it a select blanket of music for film or production, custom-generated works of music for a television show, or simply a needle drop sound effect for a commercial spot – InDigi Music is a one-stop shop experience. The demand for custom-made music has grown immensely in recent years — InDigi’s talented team of composers and songwriters are readily available to custom tailor music for any type of media project.

About Nicole Sanzio

Founder and Creative Director

Nicole Sanzio founded InDigi Music and its parent company, Multi Music & Media Group, LLC., in 2006. Nicole’s background comes from music publishing giant, EMI Music Publishing, in addition to Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), VH1, MTV, Fuse, Showtime, and Sony BMG Music Entertainment. A seasoned expert in all forms of media licensing, Nicole happily shares her expertise with independent writers, composers and artists in effort to help prepare them for licensing their music in TV / Film / Video Games and various forms of new media. Nicole is a musician who composes mainly New Age music on the piano – though she has recently began collaborating with artists / writers / producers in the genres of Rock, Hip-Hop, and R&B.